KMC Voter’s Corner
Finding ways to make your vote count!

The Air Force Voting Assistance Program in the KMC is up and running. Unit Voting Assistance Officers at all levels and trained voting counselors are contacting military and civilian employees in every KMC Air Force organization. People can leave a message for me, Maj. Bill Kennedy, the Installation Voting Assistance Officer, or Maj. Brad Hamant at 480-VOTE to find out about your representative or to ask a question about the program. Check this spot and the Airmen Votes Web site at http://www. weekly for voting questions and answers.

Q: Is it too late to register from overseas?

A: No. The general election date is Nov. 2. Requests for absentee ballots should be sent no-later-than Sept. 30. Unregistered absentee voters should request their ballots at least 60 days before the election and registered voters at least 45 days before the election. Remember, voter registration can be affected or cancelled for several reasons: illegible or incomplete request, not voting for a period of time, changed residence since the last registration or election, changed name since the last registration or election, or changing political party preference (primary elections only) since the last registration.