KMCC VQ long on amenities

Senior Airman Dan Lanphear
Kaiserslautern American

As construction continues at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center, designers’ efforts to ensure pleasant future stays at the Visitors’ Quarters are clear. Crew rest is a safety – and customer service – concern, so peace and quiet come as a pair at the VQ.

By design, the feel inside the VQ is softened by textured carpets and walls with gentle yellows, tans, and mahogany grains. Hallway lights don’t contain typical fluorescent tubes, but use recessed spotlights with glass rims, making the place cozier.

“Even something as silly as the color of the light bulbs helps you feel more at home and less like you’re in a hospital,” said Tim Wible, KMCC lodging general manager. But the look is still cost-effective. The spotlights are, in fact, fluorescent bulbs – they just look like regular lamplights.

Amid the cacophony of construction work, there is an unexpected hush. Acoustic environment analysis helped engineers muffle everything. The air conduits have baffles to dampen noise. The floors keep neighbors’ footfalls, flushes and TVs out of earshot. Even bathroom exhaust vents have mufflers. Outside, aircraft engine sounds stay on the flightline. “It should exceed expectations about noise,” said Capt. Andy Sheehan, KMCC project management officer.

Plus, VQ guests will be able to shut out the world with oversized curtains that create a black-out effect in the room.

On the roof above the ground floor, guests can enjoy the courtyard with lawnchairs, tables, umbrellas and food. Special events will also be held there.
If one needs to work while staying at the VQ, there is an eight-seat business center in the lobby near the 24-hour service desk. So, if the room is just too comfy for those wishing to burn the midnight oil, an office is available for use.
Each room has a sink area separate from the shower and toilet for those who have to share a room. Also, the VQ has 300 extra beds in storage to nearly double the guest capacity if needed.

Perhaps the best news of all, though, is that the price per night will be the same as other lodging facilities currently charge.