Landstuhl students donate to ‘Soldiers Closet’

Sharon Emerling
Contributing writer

Despite walking through snow and slush, giving clothes away on a cold winter’s day turned out to be a warming experience for students at the Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School.
Annie Shay Lester’s third-grade class recently participated in a “citizenship in action” trip when they went to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center’s Soldier’s Closet.
The class delivered jackets, sweat suits, T-shirts, socks, winter outfits and shoes to show their appreciation to the Soldiers who need clothes when they arrive for medical care.
“I am very happy to give clothes to Soldiers who were wounded and had to come here away from their families,” said David, 9, third-grade student.
Megan, 9, third-grader, realized this class was not the only one contributing to the Soldier’s Closet, “I was glad to see how many people had been nice to them. The closet was full of everything.”
While turning in their donations, the students were approached by two Soldiers, who had witnessed the class during that time.
The Soldiers expressed their appreciation to the students. They also expressed thanks for students all around who contribute letters and pictures to Soldiers down range.
The kind words from the Soldiers really moved the students.
“The Soldiers thanked us for their troops and that made me happy for helping them since they (help) our country – a lot,” said Michael, 9, third-grader.