Leadership send Airmen birthday wishes

***image1******image2***Happy Birthday to the Airmen of the world’s greatest air and space force! Our 57 years of history may be short but they are packed with astounding accomplishments.

We’ve broken the sound barrier, expanded military operations to the reaches of space, ushered stealth technology and precision strike capability into modern warfare, delivered humanitarian aid to austere locations, jointly won the Cold War and provided decisive air and space power for wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. Your dedication to excellence, your integrity, and your faithful service is recognized and appreciated by all Americans.

Since our inception in 1947, America’s Air Force has flown lead in defending peace and freedom around the world. That legacy was made possible by millions of professional Airmen dedicated to accomplishing critical missions with total success.
Today, you are the torchbearers of our legacy.

You are performing remarkably across the globe delivering aid to people in need and defending and protecting our great nation from emerging threats and new enemies.

Your competence, dedication to the mission and pride of service is renowned.

We know you also have wonderful families who support your long hours and deployments away from home. We are grateful for their support.

You represent the strength and patriotism of our great nation. America is proud of our Air Force because of you. Thanks for your service and again, Happy Birthday!
(Courtesy of the Air Force News.)