LEMS celebrates ninth annual Wellness Night

Photos by Evan Willingham
Colby Hages, third-grader in Karin Langholz’s class, has fun bowling during Wellness Night Jan. 26 at LEMS. Since the inception of Wellness Night at LEMS, Sandy Merchat has spearheaded it. Wellness Night is supported by the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and inspired by Michelle Obama’s initiative “Get Moving.”
Paulina Sabirov, fourth-grader in Jennifer McPhail-Hasting’s class (front), together with Stephen Beach, second-grader in Patricia Ahola’s class, have fun working as a team while moving forward on wood shoes during Wellness Night Jan. 26 at LEMS.
Kira Gray, fourth-grader in Andrew Mako’s class, is getting exercise and having fun jumping rope during ninth annual Wellness Night Jan. 26 at Landstuhl Elementary Middle School.