Local veterans make history, form Kaiserslautern Military Community Retiree Council

Last week, more than a dozen retired service members and two widows signed up to represent the first retiree council for the Kaiserslautern Military Community.

Veterans from both the Army and Air Force formed the council in order to work together and assist the retired community. It’s a chance for veterans to help other veterans and to integrate their actions in support of the active-duty force.
Members of the council represent many veterans who continue to give back to the community even after serving many years on active duty.

The recently formed council is headed by council President Luis de Anrade, a retired Air Force senior master sergeant, Vice President Éugene Marietta, a retired Army master sergeant, and Secretary Norm Raynal, a retired DoD civilian.

The other members and their retired ranks are: Don Sanders, Air Force chief master sergeant; Ute Harris, Army sergeant major; Mike Richter, Army sergeant major; Nelida Rabassa, Army sergeant major; Rick Deppe, Air Force senior master sergeant; Lyn Cammack, Air Force master sergeant; Robert Ford, Army sergeant 1st class; Mike Vidaurri, Air Force master sergeant; Francine Sandoval and Jeanette Barbato.

These veterans are proud to still be serving their military family in any capacity and will be around the community in the next few weeks.

They plan on reaching out to the nearly 2,000 retired members in the Kaiserslautern Military Community, in an overall effort to increase the awareness of their existence and at the same time capture as many members as possible.
The veterans recently appointed to the Kaiserslautern Military Community Retiree Council may not solve all the problems that exist, but they will do their best to point those needing help in the right direction or get them the information they need.

Keep an eye out for members of the Kaiserslautern Military Community Retiree Council. These veterans have all retired members’ interests in mind and they have stepped up to help the military community out. Thank you all for what you do in serving this great nation.

(Courtesy of 86th Airlift Wing Retiree Activities Office)