LRMC presents vaccine information

Thomas Warner
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

***image1***A recent three-day Immunization Leaders Course presented by the Military Vaccine Agency trained personnel on the latest guidance and issues for anthrax, smallpox, and influenza vaccine programs.

The more than 50 attendees included Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and civilian personnel from organizations throughout the European Command. The workshop featured eight speakers discussing a variety of topics ranging from the history of smallpox to vaccine storage to proper reporting for adverse health effects.

Col. Renata Engler, an allergist and immunologist from Walter Reed Army Medical Center, described the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System and how it was established for military and family members to report a possible reaction to a vaccine. Colonel Engler urged participants to build trust and understanding of military vaccines that keep all military members safe from diseases on the battlefield and at home. 

Protecting servicemembers is the top priority of the Department of Defense, and the MILVAX Agency emphasizes this course as a way to improve immunization procedures and keeping immunization personnel informed.   
“This is an outstanding course, presented by leading military experts,” said Maj. Scott Newberg, a force health protection officer. “Continuing education for medical professionals, leaders, and health care providers is an important part of ensuring the best scientific information is put into practice.”

Major Newberg said servicemembers must understand that vaccines play an important role in keeping them protected and healthy.  “Servicemembers should also know the military will take care of them in the event they have a reaction to a vaccine,” he said.