LRMC provides priority parking for patients

Parking has been redesignated at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to ensure patients are provided the most accessible parking spaces.

All parking places inside the green interior fence that immediately surrounds the main hospital complex are strictly for patients, except for Gate 1 (entrance to emergency room) and Gate 8.

To best access parking areas within the green fence after entering the installation:
Continue straight until you approach the T intersection, turn left onto Munson Circle and make an immediate right, which will lead you into Gate 7 where you’ll find parking near the chapel on your right and additional patient parking on your left.

Turn right at the T intersection onto Munson Circle and take an immediate left to Gate 6 leading to the Burger King parking lot.

Turn right at the T intersection and continue on Munson Circle about halfway around the hospital complex and take a hard left when you see the fire department and signs for the Military Transient Detachment and patient parking. This leads to Gate 3 where you’ll find patient parking on your immediate right and straight ahead.

In addition to patient parking within the green interior fence, designated patient parking is also available directly across the street from the emergency room entrance.

(Courtesy of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Public Affairs)