LRMC unveils new security fence

Spc. Todd Goodman
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

The Boston Red Sox have the “Green Monster” at Fenway Park. On
Saturday, at 6 a.m., Landstuhl Regional Medical Center will unveil its
own version.

LRMC’s new security fence (yes, it’s green) surrounds the hospital,
providing an extra layer of security and the ability to shut down
access to the hospital without disrupting traffic flow on post.

“The transition will take some time to get used to,” said LRMC Security
Manager Paul Fevold. “People will have to add some time to their
schedules as it will take a little longer than before. The biggest
thing we can ask for is that people be patient.”

The actual delay time won’t be known until the Monday after the fence
goes in to effect, when high volume traffic hits post. Which is
precisely why the change was scheduled for Saturday and not Monday.

“We wanted to give the security guards a couple of days of low traffic to adjust to the new security measures,” said Mr. Fevold.

One difference sure to be favorable with patients and staff will be the increase in hospital entry points from eight to 20.

“It will provide more flexibility for Landstuhl staff to use more entry
points in and out of the hospital,” said Master Sgt. Michael Taylor,
LRMC Security NCO in charge. “Customers won’t see much difference other
than having their IDs checked a little bit farther away.”

Once inside the fence, people won’t have to show their ID cards again,
no matter how many times they enter and exit the hospital. There will
be five vehicle entry points and four pedestrian entry points along the
security fence perimeter.