Man on the street: What is your favorite thing to do here during springtime?

Interviews and photos by Thomas Warner
Contributing writer
Matthew Valverde
“I enjoy riding the trails near the Ramstein area on my mountain bike.”

Norman Hollis
“My favorite thing to do here in Germany is hitting up the festivals. We like that because they have a lot of fruit festivals like the cherry festivals, the strawberry festivals, the apple festivals – so that’s our favorite part of springtime.”

Gage Miller
“I like to go to Kurpfalz Park in Wachenheim. It is a little bit of a drive (50 minutes) but not too bad. They have paddle boats, slides, a rollerbond (luge run) and a lot of animals to see – sort of like an open-area zoo.”

1st Sgt. Renea Williams
“This past four-day weekend I went paragliding in Interlaken, Switzerland. It was beautiful, 60-degree weather and it was absolutely amazing. That was the best and there was a big, historic city park there where I took my kids.”

Jill Harris
“I love to go to the Neunkirchen Zoo with my kids. It’s like a walking path – uphill, downhill, round the corner, inside, outside. There is a white tiger, there aren’t any lions, but there are multiple elephants that are very active. Our kids would stay in the monkey area all day if we let them.”

Nicholas Morgan
“Amusement parks are great around springtime. Our favorite one is Phantasialand in Cologne.”

Lt. Col. Bryan Wong
“My favorite springtime thing to do is to start enjoying nature more. We like to run as a family and bike as a family so we start to do more of those activities as the weather gets better.”

Janel Wuest
“During the spring I like to go to the little villages and to the castles. I like meeting the German people and speaking with them and
learning their language.”