Marriage seminar comes to Ramstein

by Airman 1st Class Ciara M. Travis
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Members of Team Ramstein spent their Saturday laughing during the marriage seminar hosted at the Ramstein Officers’ Club Sept. 10.

The “Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage” seminar, led by international speaker and marriage expert Mark Gungor, consisted of several hot-topic issues. Although designed for married couples, the seminar was welcoming to all.

The issues covered everything from “how to stay married and not kill anybody,” to “the No. 1 key to incredible sex,” and had both men and women in the crowd enjoying their time.

“I feel like Mark did a really good job at keeping the seminar relatable and modern,” said Capt. Dustin Bodine, 76th Airlift Squadron C-21 pilot. “It applied to today’s culture.”

Bodine joked that though it’s usually difficult to drag husbands to a
marriage seminar, the set up of this seminar made it fun for men to tag along.

“The seminar highlighted how in today’s society, the culture has made it OK for men to stop acting like men,” Bodine said. “Guys are supposed to ‘go back and get the girl,’ and it’s all too often we forget that.”

Gungor used the typical movie as a way to describe what he meant by going back and getting the girl.

In girl movies, it’s always about meeting Mr. Right, but in guy movies, it’s about action and rescuing the damsel in distress, Gungor said.

“Even after ‘I do,’ you’ve got to keep ‘going back, and getting the girl,” he said. “Continue being her hero.”

With all laughter to the side ― the seminar helped remind men and women how important it is to refer back to the foundation their marriage was built upon.

“Having a strong foundation is so important for military members,” Gungor said. “With all of the stress and deployments, it’s vital. I have this theory that the military is trained on absolutely everything, except for how to keep a marriage going during deployments. That’s what I’m here for.”

During a shout out to service members, Gungor mentioned he believed all men would be much better off if they served even a fraction of time in the military.

“The impact of our culture would change immensely,” Gungor said. “The respect and honor a 22-year-old veteran has verses a 22-year-old man is drastic. It’s actually impressive.”

The event ended with Gungor pointing out marriage seminars can sometimes cause more issues than they solve.

“That’s where I come in,” he said. “I am here to put an ease on marital advice. Nobody is here to tell you ‘You’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that.’ I am just here to bring real topics to the table and have a good time. Besides, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”