May I kiss you? 21st TSC Soldiers learn about sexual assault

by Staff Sgt. Tramel S. Garrett
21st TSC Public Affairs

The Soldiers of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command participated in a sexual assault prevention class with a very special instructor. The class entitled “May I Kiss You” was held May 12 at the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center on Daenner Kaserne in Kaiserslautern.

Mike Domitrz, the author of the critically acclaimed book “May I Kiss You” and a public speaker, has traveled all over the world to speak about sexual assault awareness. He addressed 21st TSC Soldiers on consent, bystander intervention and supporting the victims of sexual assault.

Years ago, a life changing moment occurred in Mr. Domitrz’s life. While in college, he received a phone call from his mother informing him that his sister had been sexually assaulted. This unpleasant event resulted in Mr. Dormitrz focusing a majority of his time and effort on educating the public on sexual assault awareness.

Mr. Domitrz said it was not until 1990, after listening to someone speak publicly on the same subject, that he realized he could also speak out. As a result, he now travels all over the world speaking at schools and universities.

But more than anything else, he loves to address service members, he said.
“I love working with the military. The military is a great audience because they really appreciate an engaging presentation,” Mr. Domitrz said.

 During his presentation, Mr. Domitrz involved the audience in discussions on the subjects of dating, communication, respect and sexual assault awareness. Additionally, he discussed the importance of respect between marital partners and how to help your family and friends.

“If you are single or married, you should ask your loved one questions and respect the answers they give you,” said Sgt. Tierra Brown, an automated logistics specialist with the 21st TSC.

“Our culture does not teach us how to talk about intimacy. (Our culture) tells us to be respectful but does not give us the skills,” said Mr. Dormitrz during his lecture.
Mr. Dormitrz said he feels this particular class is important for everybody.

“There are three things I want the audience to get out of this training,” he said. “(Show respect and) ask first, stop the (sexual) predators and open the doors for those you love.”