Medical billing offices consolidate

Spc. Todd Goodman
LRMC Public Affairs

Medical billing offices across the European theater have been consolidated at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, thus eliminating redundancies and giving customers one-stop shopping.

Affected clinics are Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Heidelberg Medical Department Activity, and Würzburg MEDDAC and their respective outlying clinics (except SHAPE Clinic in Belgium).

As a result of the Europe Regional Medical Command’s consolidation of the medical billing offices of Army hospitals and clinics in Europe to form the Europe Regional Medical Command Uniform Business Office, patients who pay for health care services will have easier access to payments and customer service.

Pay  patients include Department of Defense civilians, Department of Defense Dependents Schools teachers, DOD contractors, Army & Air Force Exchange Service employees, Non-Appropriated Fund employees and foreign military personnel.

The changes will result in a more consistent billing process, better customer service and continuity, with one number to call for billing information.
“We’re excited about this change,” said Kelley Locke, eEBU manager. “It’s going to be a win-win situation for everyone.”

The changes came about because each treatment facility had its own billing practices, although the clinics shared the same patients.
“Now, it’s all wrapped in to one, instead of being scattered across the theater,” said Ms. Locke. “You know, before you’d call one place and get one answer, then call another place and get a different answer. It helps our patients by having consistency in billing.”

“We started planning this last November,” said Gerry Loughlan, Europe Regional Medical Center accounting officer. “It took us a long time to stand it up, but I am confident that we will do an excellent job.”

For credit card billing, customers may call 00800-9050-9050 or 486-8879. Customers paying with checks or money orders may send the payment to ERMC UBO, CMR 402, Bldg. 3700, 09180.
Patients with questions about billing may call the aforementioned numbers or e-mail