Medical group encourages TRICARE online

 To minimize telephone wait time, all 435th Medical Group enrollees have the option of using TRICARE Online ( to book their primary care appointments.

Enrollees can use their Common Access Card or username and password to book an appointment on TOL. To book an appointment, each family member must be registered separately using their own social security number and create their own username and password.

To register family members, click “Register Now on TOL” at the TOL homepage. Family members need to be sure they enter their own social in the “My Personal Identifier” field.

Once the family member is logged in, update the profile to ensure they are enrolled at the correct MTF.  

 TRICARE Online agents are available 24 hours a day to assist active-duty and family members having difficulties with registration, forgetting user name or passwords and any other issues at 0800-1011129 (OCONUS) option 8 or 1-800-600-9332 (CONUS) option 8.

Also, if you need to cancel your medical appointment, call the 24/7 appointment line at 479-2273 option 6. This will prevent a no-show letter being sent to your squadron commander.

For more information, call 435th MDG Group Practice Managers Maj. Gerald Smith at 479-2506 or Capt. Ray Vincent at 479-2504. 

(Courtesy of 435th Medical Group)