Mentor volunteers sought for DEFY program

by Morgan McNabb

Active duty and Department of Defense personnel are invited to join the Drug Education for Youth team as mentors, junior staff, health care providers and administrative assistants for Phase I and II of the 2012 program.

Mentoring is the backbone of DEFY. This is a free program for children ages 9 to 12 of active-duty and retired military or DOD civilian personnel. The goal of the program’s adult staff members and volunteers is to empower the participants to build positive healthy lifestyles. Training includes team-building, conflict resolution and decision-making.

Adult mentor volunteers can sign up for the program’s Phase I eight-day leadership camp, held from Aug. 7 to 10 and 13 to 16. Applications may be obtained from DEFY program coordinator Morgan McNabb. Completed applications are due by July 6 and can be submitted at Bldg. 2117, Drug Demand Reduction, or via email at

Those applying should be able to attend staff training from July 25 to 27, be able to participate Tuesday through Friday and Monday through Thursday, Aug. 7 to 16, and have approval from their command to participate. Military personnel are also required to be on permissive TDY orders IAW AFI 36-3003, Table 7.

DEFY focuses on building the self-image of adolescents and the development of appropriate goal setting techniques. Additionally, interpersonal relationships, leadership and teamwork are emphasized during the program. The structured curriculum offers education, skill development and physical fitness. The curriculum also raises awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs, as well as the dangerous effects of peer pressure to join gangs.

The program is limited to 25 children, 12 mentors and five junior staff. The deadline for children to sign up is July 6.

Phase II of the DEFY program is designed to reinforce the concepts and training received in Phase I. Group mentoring sessions and interactive workshops provide positive support during the school year. Civic responsibility and vocational and recreational opportunities are also promoted at DEFY sites.

For further information, contact McNabb at 478-0996 or 06371-405-0996, or via email at