Meter reading happening now

Courtesy of Stadtwerke Ramstein-Miesenbach

Employees of Stadtwerke Ramstein-Miesenbach (city works) will start reading the electricity, gas and water meters now.
If customers are not available during normal working times, readers will also come early in the evening or on weekends.

Every meter reader has a company badge customers can ask to see. If meter readers are not able to reach customers at home, they will leave a form with the meter numbers in their mailbox. Customers are asked to read the meters themselves and return the form to Stadtwerke as soon as possible. Customers may also email the from to
If customers are not home when meter readers come by or they don’t return the form with the meter numbers, then Stadtwerke will estimate consumption.

Officials ask customers to remove all belongings in front of the meters to make the reading as easy as possible.