Military Matters

Civil Engineers’ Corner
Military Housing Speed Limits
To increase road traffic safety for pedestrians and automobiles in the Military Family Housing areas, speed limits will be reduced from 30 kmh to 20 kmh. This will affect speed limits in all housing, school/CDC, and playground/park areas.
The changes will be implemented within the next two months. Please adjust your speed accordingly as the changes and new speed limit signs are posted.

1st Sergeants’ Corner
Accessories In Uniform
Which backpack can I use in uniform? Have you found yourself asking this question. If so, you’re not alone. With a new uniform and AFI that is still in revision, it’s understandable to be confused.

On Oct. 17, 2007, the ABU Wear Policy was published, and it states in paragraph 14: “Optional accessories such as backpacks, briefcases, hydration systems and gym bags: continue to use black, OD or AF sage green. ABU pattern items authorized as they become available. When questions arise, local command interpretation takes precedent.” Now what about when it comes to wearing our service uniform on Mondays? AFI 36-2903 Table 2.6, Item 12 reads: “Only solid color backpacks may be worn with blue uniform combinations.”

For more information, refer to the Air Force portal under Life&Career-Active Duty-Uniforms and Recognition.