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Housing Corner
Are you PCSing?
Are you about to PCS, separate or retire? If so, did you realize you are supposed to give housing at least a 40 day termination notice?

If you are about to PCS, separate or retire, stop by the housing office for a termination briefing even if you have not yet received your orders.
During your termination briefing we will explain your outbound TLA entitlements and set up two inspections.

The first inspection will be scheduled within a day or two of your notification.
This first inspection is to determine what kind of maintenance is required after you move out. The inspector will also check for occupant damage and explain to you what your responsibilities are to pass the final inspection.

Nothing has to be moved or cleaned up for this inspection. Your final inspection will be scheduled within a few days of your port call.

Once you pass the final inspection, the inspector will collect the house keys from you and you will no longer have access to the house.

For questions or more information, call Vogelweh Housing (Bldg. 1001) at 489-6671 or the Ramstein Satellite Office (Bldg. 2108) at 480-3140.