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Picture this ─ In-Ground container decks with no boxes, no bags, no trash, no clutter!!  What’s wrong? Nothing!! All the doors are properly closed and there is NO trash, NO boxes, NO bags or NO bulk refuse on the ground. This is how all our in-ground container sites should AND can look. Unfortunately we’re finding an increase where residents choose to dispose of their trash on the ground around their in-ground containers rather than placing it in them. Each container has a specific use, i.e. for paper (including cardboard boxes), for light fraction (recyclable-yellow bags) and for normal refuse (regular trash).  There is also a limited number of glass and bio-degradable (yard waste) containers throughout the areas.

Trash belongs INSIDE the in-ground containers ─ not beside them.  ALL residents must ensure cardboard boxes are broken down and placed in the containers. Stashing boxes or bags beside means they will remain there until you, your neighbor, or your building leader takes care of the problem. Let’s not continue to tolerate this practice.  The trash collectors will not touch anything on the ground.  Place your bulk refuse out only at the designated/proper time.  If your child is not capable of performing these tasks properly ─ don’t expect them to do it.  YOU take care of the problem. This is YOUR community ─ let’s show some pride!

CE corner

Tuesday, the 86th Civil Engineer Group will change the priority road direction at intersection of Harmon and Galaxy avenues. The new priority road direction will be Harmon Ave. East and West directions, Galaxy Ave. will no longer have the priority direction.
The intersection will remain open but the priority roads signs will be relocated and roadway striping redone. Following installation, new signage will be installed and all typical German traffic rules will apply. This change is being made based on recent traffic studies indicating that Harmon Ave. east and west is the main thoroughfare resulting from the construction of the KMCC.