Military Matters

Civil Engineer Corner
Properly dispose of your boxes
We love our cardboard boxes, but it is apparent we haven’t acclimated to the local German habit of properly disposing of them.

Leaving your box on the deck or adjacent to an in-ground container or
a collection center is not how we properly dispose of our cardboard boxes.
The refuse contractor is not responsible for picking up boxes left as bulk refuse near the new underground containers.

Your building leader certainly doesn’t appreciate the attention and our neighborhoods do not need to look like trash receptacles ― that’s what the in-ground containers and recycle centers are for.

Boxes must be properly broken down and placed in the appropriate container or taken to a recycling center. For you “old-timers,” educate your new neighbors on proper disposal methods. We need everyone to pitch in and work to keep our neighborhoods safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Safety corner
Motorcycle season
Motorcycle season is still ongoing. Wear your personal protection equipment. Be safe. Arrive alive. For more information, call the 86th Airlift Wing Safety Office at 480-7233.