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Civil engineers’ corner

Dormatory managers needed:

The 435th CES currently has three openings for  dormitory managers. We are seeking highly motivated individuals dedicated to providing unaccompanied residents quality service and a clean, safe and secure living environment. We are especially seeking female candidates to join our team.

Applicants must submit a UPH Dorm Manager application and a copy of their last three EPRs. They must also meet the following criteria: be at least a staff sergeant with 7-level training or a technical sergeant, have two years retainability on station,  must reside within 30 minutes of the commuting area, must meet AF
fitness standards of at least an 80, have not received a Selective Re-Enlistment Bonus, have commander approval and be in a releasable AFSC.

If interested in applying for one of these positions, contact Master Sgt. Bradford Berry at the Dormitory Reception Center, Bldg. 2413, or at 480-3676.

Roof repair on Ramstein:

Roofs are currently being repaired on Bldgs. 520, 544 and 545 on Ramstein. Existing roof coverings, some substructures, gutters and downspouts are being replaced.
The total value is $693,000. The new roofs will provide enhanced energy efficiency and long-term upgrades to the facilities.
Completion is planned for March 6. Work is being accomplished by the 435th CES Programs Flight.
For more information, call