Military Matters

Civil Engineers’ Corner
The 435th Civil Engineer Squadron is planning several major construction projects that will affect traffic on Ramstein.

 An article detailing these projects and its impact on traffic will appear in the Kaiserslautern American March 13. Detour times and plans will be part of the article.
Please take some time and get familiar with the projects and potential impacts on your driving habits.

First Sergeants’ Corner
One objective of any good leader is to have their Airmen maintain good performance levels.

More often than not though, supervisors will focus mainly on just the outstanding performers and substandard ones.

Airmen who “just do their job” are routinely forgotten.
However, it is essential that every leader provide appropriate recognition to all subordinates. In other words, be specific in verbal feedbacks, do not just say, “You’re doing a good job,” and leave it at that. 

Instead, identify specific aspects of their job performance and let them know their efforts are appreciated.

Also, look for opportunities to express your confidence in their abilities. 
This approach will ensure performance levels continue to meet and even exceed your standards.