Military Matters

Civil Engineers’ Corner
There will be road closures at California Avenue due to construction of two new speed tables and a crosswalk. Roads will be blocked Wednesday through Friday and May 18 to 19 and May 26 to 27. During these dates, residents may have to go around a different route to reach their destination.

On Monday, a project will start to repair the asphalt at the intersection Maxwell Avenue and Galaxy Avenue. The intersection will be completely closed to traffic. It is recommended to bypass this area via Fairchild Avenue or Harmon Avenue. Completion of work is projected for Friday.

Call call 480-2193 for information.

Spring cleaning:
Spring cleaning for the KMC is Monday and Tuesday.
Monday will be for offices and industrial areas and Tuesday will be for family housing.
The primary focus is to clean and dress facility exteriors, parking lots, sidewalks, outdoor areas and planting beds.

For facility interiors, the focus should be general clean up, such as cleaning out storage rooms and common areas, dusting, washing windows and removing cobwebs.

Your facility managers and building leaders have been provided a guide to assist you in organizing and planning for the quarterly
clean-up day.