Military Matters

Civil Engineers’ Corner

West gate construction

The west gate canopy construction has entered a new construction phase. Expect to see new scaffolding installation and construction of the roofing itself. Single lanes may be closed during low traffic periods with coordination of SFS. As always, exercise caution near the construction zone.

Road closures

• There will be a half-road closure at Michigan Street near Bldg. 800 from Monday to
Aug. 3. This closure is due to installation of flat curbstones for a fire truck lane in support of the new Child Development Center.  
• There will be a full-road closure and a half-road closure Thursday at Second Avenue in the Vogelweh Military Family Housing area. This closure is due to road repairs. Housing will advise the tenants on how traffic will be impacted that day.

Lawn-Harmon traffic circle

The Lawn-Harmon traffic circle construction will move to construction Phase 2 today until Aug. 30. This phase will close the south access of the intersection. During this time, it is recommended you use an alternate route via Hercules Avenue or through Arnold Circle. For more information, call 480-2193.

First Sergeants’ Corner

Do you want to be a first sergeant?

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a first sergeant? From Aug. 10 to 14, U.S. Air Forces in Europe will be hosting a symposium that will help qualify you as an additional duty first sergeant and provide you with the strong leadership tools that will make you an even better NCO/SNCO. If you are an E-6 or E-7 and you are interested in attending the upcoming USAFE Additional First Sergeants Symposium, contact your unit’s first sergeant.