Military Matters

Civil Engineers’ Corner

Road closure
There will be a half-road closure on 5th Avenue in Vogelweh from Monday to Aug. 14.
West to east traffic will need to take 6th Avenue through the Kapaun area to reach their destination.
East to west traffic will not be impacted. This road closure is required for the construction of a new water pipe and connection to the main water line, which will improve the water supply at Kapaun.

For more information, call 480-7279.

Street construction
Repair work will be done Tuesday through Aug. 11 at the traffic circle east of Mackenbach. Federal street L369 coming from and going toward Schwedelbach will be  completely closed.

Traffic will be rerouted through Weilerbach.
Traffic from Mackenbach going toward Kaiserslautern and back will be rerouted through Miesenbach and L356.

Traffic from Ramstein going toward Kaiserslautern and back will be routed through the traffic circle with the help of a traffic light.