Military Matters

First Sergeants’ Corner

Customs and courtesies

Are customs and courtesies still relevant? Of course. So, why do military members fail to salute designated staff cars on a regular basis? Or, why do military members forget to stand when a senior military member enters the room?
These are some of the traditional customs and courtesies that give us distinction from the civilian sector.

When these infractions go uncorrected, a lack of discipline spreads rapidly throughout the military ranks. It is everyone’s responsibility to know when and where to salute and when to display the proper courtesies to senior leadership. Let’s not forget who we are; we are members of the U.S. military.

Civil Engineers’ Corner

Traffic circle opening

From Monday to Aug. 28, the Kisling bypass will be closed and the new traffic circle will be open. Access to Lincoln North through the circle will also be closed.
Drivers will be able to go through the NATO headquarters circle and the Northside Fitness circle to reach their destination. Drivers should remember to exercise caution while driving near construction zones and to obey all speed limits. For more information, call 480-2193.

Road maintenance on Vogelweh

New coating will be applied on the following roads Monday on Vogelweh: Third Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, Colorado Avenue, Carolina Avenue and Delaware Loop.
Traffic will be routed to one lane during the application. Drivers should remember to adhere to signs. Completion of work is projected for Aug. 28. Work is being done by the 86th Civil Engineers Squadron Programs Flight. For more information, call 480-9043.