Military Matters

Civil Engineers’ Corner
Exercise caution in work areasNew coating will be applied to the following roads on Ramstein from today through Sept. 18: Harmon Avenue, Lincoln Boulevard, East Perimeter Road and West Perimeter Road. Roads will be reduced to one lane during this period. Exercise caution near these working areas and pay attention to the signs.
Work is being accomplished by the 86th Civil Engineers Squadron Programs Flight.
For more information, call 480-9043.  

Lane closures
From Wednesday through Sept. 7, there will be two inbound lane closures at the west gate.
The 86th Security Forces Squadron will keep two inbound lanes open during the morning and use West LVIS for inbound traffic during morning rush hour if necessary.
Those personnel who use the west gate will likely see increased delays entering the base.
Plan your commutes accordingly and use caution in the construction zone. For more information, call 480-2193.