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Service station, fire safety tips
• Turn off your vehicle’s engine when refueling.
• Pay attention to what you’re doing. Pumping gas is the transfer of a hazardous substance; don’t engage in other activities.
• Don’t use any electronic device, such as cell phones, computers or portable radios while refueling.
• Use only the refueling latch on the gasoline dispenser nozzle, if there is one. Do not jam the latch with an object to hold it open.
• Don’t get in and out of your vehicle while refueling. A static electric charge can develop on your body as you slide across the seat, and when reaching for the pump, a spark can ignite gasoline vapor.
• Use only approved portable containers for transporting or storing gasoline. Make sure the container is in a stable position.
• Never fill a portable container when it is in or on the vehicle. Always place the container on the ground first.
• When filling a portable container, keep the nozzle in direct contact with the container. Fill it only about 95 percent full to leave room for expansion.

First shirts say …
All Air Force members with families can have family care arrangements to reasonably cover short and long term situations. Not everyone is required have a written plan (AF IMT 357); AFI 36-2908, Family Care Plans, specifies who must have a written plan.  The plan provides a smooth, rapid transfer of responsibilities  to designees when the member is absent. Family care plans are necessary because Air Force personnel deployments are at an all-time high.The Air Force assures itself of an available force to meet all of its needs by making certain each member has adequate arrangements for the care of his or her family members.

News from your Inspector General
In accordance with AFI 90-301, IG Complaints Resolution, individuals must submit their complaint within 60 days of learning of the alleged wrong. Also, individuals may file an IG complaint at any level without going through their supervisory chain.

Note that use of the chain of command is preferred before filing an IG complaint, but not mandatory.  Contact your local IG if you have any questions.