Missile warning and defense advanced course recently graduates 10th class

by Maj. Doug Roning
Missile Warning and Defense Advanced Course Advanced Space Operations School

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Seven Missile Warning/Missile Defense experts recently earned graduation certificates from the Advanced Space Operations School, Missile Warning Advanced Course.

The Advanced Space Operations School operates under the Space Innovation and Development Center and provides Advanced Space Training to space professionals around the world. 

Students who took part in the in-depth, four-week Missile Warning and Defense Advanced Course were competitively selected from an applicant pool of active-duty and Reserve servicemen and women from all branches, government employees, and civilian specialists. All applicants should have a strong background in missile warning and/or missile defense, satellite/ground operations, or operational-level planning. The course provides in-depth education on missile warning and defense sensors, including space, air and sea-based platforms, sensor physics, operations centers, enemy threat and defense systems, warning architectures; warning processes, communications and tactics.

“When our students graduate from this course they are recognized as some of the most knowledgeable in the career field,” said course director Maj. Doug Roning. “Historically, the graduates are looked upon as the go-to person for advanced understanding of missile warning and defense systems. This is a highly selective course and the graduates become a part of an elite group of professionals trained specifically in Missile Warning and Defense systems and architectures. Their in- depth knowledge provides the command with an invaluable resource from which to pull from.”  

Missile Warning and Defense Advanced Course 12-A graduates include: Capt. Christopher Hasegawa, Capt. Jason Sellers, 1st Lt. Ruben Carillo, 1st Lt. Andrew Harris, Master Sgt. John Cosler, Tech. Sgt. Juan Lopez and Senior Airman Hannah Kent.

Their accomplishments meet an addressed need for more depth of experience in their field and more extensive education and training as identified by the 2001 Space Commission Report.

For more information about the Missile Warning and Defense Advanced Course, or to apply for class 12-A four-week course starting Jan. 18, contact Roning via e-mail at Doug.Roning@afspc.af.mil or by phone at (719)593-8794, ext. 274.