Modify your mindset to accept change

Chief Master Sgt. Michael O

***image1***Since August, the KMC has been buzzing rather loudly. The buzz I am referring to hovers around the many changes new leadership has brought, but even more so by the chatter of those resisting change.
Sadly, I must admit I was one of those people buzzing. Me, the guy who gives the “Who Moved My Cheese” briefing to squadron commanders spouses and attendees of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe NCO Professional Development course. Me – the one with 26 years of experience dealing with change. Me – the one who preaches that attitude is everything, and if you have the right attitude, things seem to flow much smoother. So, if I can fall victim to the buzz, surely it is understandable why others would as well.
What is more surprising is how long it took me to realize and accept I was buzzing and resisting change. It came to me as a co-worker and I were walking along Jefferson Avenue, I couldn’t help but notice and comment on how the base appearance had improved. It was only a few days prior that I was buzzing about Combat Proud and the amount of time being directed toward it. But you know what, it sure does look better around here. I have now accepted this change and adapted to the way it is today!
That small observation made me re-evaluate the other changes taken place around us and convinced me others could benefit from dealing with, rather than resisting change.
So, as my contribution to Combat Programs taking hold of this community, I offer a quick review of the steps to dealing with change.
The first step is to accept that change happens. Your attitude is the key. Once you can accept that things change, you can anticipate how the change will impact you, both good and bad. Identifying potential pit-falls will make the change a whole lot easier to deal with. With those pit-falls clearly in mind, monitor the changing situation for any other impacts you may have overlooked. Now, you can adapt to the change by letting go of the old way and immersing yourself in the evolution. Make the change and move with the cheese! Now you are ready to enjoy the adventure and contribute rather than hinder the process.
Finally, be ready, because more change is just around the corner. If this is too much to remember, consider my “Combat Change” version; attitude is everything! Approaching change with an open mind while focusing on the positive aspects will make accepting change much easier.