Mom, a shoulder to lean on

Danny Paige
Ramstein American High School senior
grand-prize essay winner

Why should my mom be honored on Mother’s Day? That’s easy. Picture a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner; but that’s not all. Whether it’s Seth, Stephen, Bettie or me, Danny, my mom opens our house to our friends, anytime. There are so many reasons why she’s the best, but I will just name a few.

***image1***When we are going through hard times my mom tries to make us feel better. On long, hot summer days she makes us a neat smoothie or cool drink to relax. When we have bad days we can talk or cry to my mom and she will give us a shoulder and a moment of her time. She often helps us with homework and projects so we can get good grades and have a good future. When we were little she taught us to respect God and others. She has shown us the meaning of patriotism through her support of my dad’s military career, and teaching us respect of the flag and our country. My mom is always there for us. Last year, Seth and Bettie wanted to read Harry Potter but were too tired so my mom read all the books to them. Whether we are at a soccer game, swim, wrestling or track meet, she is out there cheering for us.

My mom supports us in every decision we make. She may not agree with everything we think, but she is always supportive. She is not afraid to be honest with us, and that is really important. She would rather be spending time with us than hanging out with adults her own age. Even though she wants to get a job to earn more money, she devotes her time to us so she doesn’t miss anything going on in our lives.

She cares so much more than anyone else, and not just about our family. My mom supports the families whose spouses are deploying in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan. She tries to make things normal and understands when they need to talk. She organizes support for them as the “Key Spouse” at my dad’s squadron.

Not only is she the “Key Spouse,” but she is the president of the (Parent Teacher Student Association) at our high school. So when my mom is not volunteering at my dad’s squadron, cooking food for us, organizing the house, cleaning the neighborhood, or working out at the gym, she is running around our school trying to make it a better place.

One of the coolest things about my mom is that our friends are her friends. When she is walking around school, she knows everyone. She is not only a mother to us, she is also a mother to our friends. There have been many times when we (kids) are out and come home to find one of our friends talking to “Mom” about something that has been bugging them.

We feel safe when we are with our mom, knowing she would do anything for us. She doesn’t even fall into a deep sleep during the night because she wants us to know she is there if anything happens. My mom is a great mother, hard worker and gives support to whomever needs it. This spa and fun time at Euro Disney would be perfect to let her know, “Hey Mom, we love you!”

Danny received assistance from Stephen, RAHS junior, Bettie, RAHS  freshman, and Seth, Ramstein Intermediate School fifth-grader.

For Mother’s Day, the USO sponsored an essay contest for children in the KMC called, “Why My Mom Should Be Honored on Mother’s Day.”
There were three grand-prize winners, one from elementary, middle school and high school. Each winner received a four-day/three night trip to Euro Disney, car rental with GPS and a $400 Spa Vogelweh gift certificate.