Motorists must observe rules of the road

“I wasn’t speeding. Not me.” Or, “I didn’t see the stop sign.”  
These are very popular responses security forces often hear during traffic stops.
Following these simple rules will help you avoid seeing blue lights in your rearview mirror.

On Ramstein, the following road rules are enforced pursuant to AFI 31-201, Installation Traffic Code.
• KMC housing areas: 20 kph or 12 mph

• School zones: 20 kph or 12 mph

• Parking lots: 10 kph or 6 mph

• On Ramstein, all other streets will be 50 kph or 31 mph, unless otherwise posted.

• Do not operate your vehicle at speeds considered unsafe for roadway or weather conditions.

• Always be aware of motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians when operating your vehicle.

• Yield the right of way to all pedestrians in or entering crosswalks after the pedestrian indicates their intention to cross.

• Obey all traffic control devices, signs and signals of traffic controllers. Signals of controllers always take precedence over posted signals and signs.

• Always come to a full and complete stop at the white line of any intersection or stop sign.

If you witness a traffic infraction and wish to make a formal complaint, go to the 86th Security Forces Base Defense Operations Center in Bldg. 2371 on Ramstein.  Security forces will assist you in accomplishing a written statement, which will be forwarded to the unit of the vehicle owner. Remember, there are several key pieces of information that are needed to accomplish an effective statement such as the license plate number, description of the vehicle and driver along with the time, date and location that the incident occurred.

Speed limits and traffic signals are posted to provide a safe environment for motorists and personnel traveling or residing in the KMC.
Do your part and keep the community a safe place to live.
(Courtesy of 86th Security Forces Squadron)