Motorists must watch speed in ‘Spielstrasse’

***image1***Ramstein-Miesenbach union community officials would like to remind motorists to drive walking speed in areas which are marked as slow traffic zone. Especially in streets, which are known as “Spielstrasse,” play street. They are marked by a blue sign showing playing children, a car and a house. Walking speed means 4 to 7 kilometers per hour. The actual authorized speed limit is 10 km/h.
“It was noted recently that most cars drive a lot faster. This is not only reckless, but also dangerous, since these streets are mainly for playing children,” said Stefan Layes from the Ramstein-Miesenbach Union Community office.
This is what that blue sign means:
• Speed limit is 10 km/h, motorists must drive extremely carefully.
• Pedestrians may use the full street, children are allowed to play all over.
• Motorists cannot endanger or impede pedestrians, if necessary they must wait.
• Parking is only authorized on marked areas.
• Pedestrians must not unnecessarily impede traffic.
(Courtesy Ramstein-Miesenbach Union Community office)