MPF opens with new look, more personnelists to assist Airmen

Where have all the personnelists gone?

Well, the short answer is back to the military personnel flight. The MPF will open its doors March 18 with a new look and an addition of approximately 40 Airmen. The additional personnelists will come from units across the base as the Ramstein MPF reorganizes itself into the Air Force-directed base-level service delivery model.

How does this affect servicemembers? Ultimately, there should be no affect on servicemembers. The only difference to them will be, instead of going to their squadron or group CSS, they will contact the MPF.

“Our goal isn’t just to maintain the level of service our Airmen have come to know, but to exceed their expectations,” said Maj. Colin Huckins, MPF commander. “By consolidating our resources, we will increase our ability to train and educate all of Ramstein’s personnel assets, which will directly result in improved customer service to the warfighter.”

In order to accomplish that improvement in service, the MPF will stand up a new office unique to Ramstein. Known as the customer support section — or what MPF personnel likes to call the Window to the MPF — this will be a one-stop shop where the personnelists in the office will be dedicated to the customer no matter what the issue.

This office will eliminate the need to wander around the MPF looking for the correct office to answer the customer’s specific need.

In addition, there will be a dedicated phone number and e-mail account specifically to answer any personnel-related question.

In support of commanders, first sergeants and chiefs, there will be a dedicated action phone line and e-mail account.

These numbers will be published prior to the official opening date.

Contact the MPF at 480-5631, or check out the 435th Mission Support Squadron’s Web site on the AF Portal for any personnel-related questions or concerns.
(Courtesy of 435th Mission Support Squadron)