MTI Recruiting Team to hold

Have you ever been interested in becoming a military training instructor?
If so, the MTI recruiting team is hosting an MTI duty briefing at 10 a.m. May 22 in the Nightingale Theater on Ramstein.

There are few jobs in the Air Force more challenging, satisfying and rewarding than that of an MTI. Airmen 1st class with at least two years in service through technical sergeant with less than 16 years total active federal military service are invited to attend the briefing and learn more about this challenging career. Enlisted personnel from all Air Force specialty codes that meet the identified criteria are eligible to apply for these positions and are encouraged to attend the briefing. Spouses of potential applicants are also invited.

“Everyone remembers their MTI,” said Tech. Sgt. Danica Eusay, MTI Recruiting Team noncommissioned officer in charge. “The MTI sets the stage for each individual’s success in the Air Force and mentors hundreds of new Airmen. The job is filled with substantial rewards for those who want to have a hand in molding our future enlisted leaders. Along with these intangible benefits, MTIs also are entitled to special-duty pay, annual supplemental clothing allowance and more.”

The team can expedite the process of an applicant’s special duty application if they bring the completed application with them to the briefing. To obtain a copy of the Air Education Training Command special-duty application, contact the wing career advisor.

(Courtesy of 435th Mission Support Squadron)