Musical showcases new student talent

Aaron Scalise
Contributing writer

***image1***The Kaiserslautern Elementary School Drama Club, establishing itself as an annual event, showcased the talent of KES students as it put on this year’s musical, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”
The play includes 10 scenes intertwined with 12 songs and combines the talents of 22 student cast members, numerous parent volunteers and the direction of four staff members.
Exhausting at times, the children and staff practiced from the end of September, which included this past month with Saturday practices.
“The children were simply wonderful,” said Ken Thomas, one of the play directors.
The brightly lit and decorated costumes enhanced the acting skills displayed, while the children entertained two play audiences of their teachers and classmates, as well as an evening show for their friends and families.
According to audience members, they were great.
“The show was really funny, and the emperor (Ricky, fifth-grader ) was my favorite character,” said Jordan, a third grade student. “I really like it when he was in his red underwear.”
Ricky said the work was tough but rewarding. “I liked working hard, so that I could maybe one day act with a star like Hillary Duff,” he said.
Based on a Hans Christian Anderson story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” was about a king so obsessed by with his wardrobe, that his kingdom began to fall apart. Along came the Farrabuto brothers, who convince the emperor to allow them to create a new, beautiful wardrobe for him.
Spencer, who also performed in last years’ play “Oliver Twist,” said this year’s play “was a little hard in the beginning, but even though it took a lot of time, it was well worth it.”
He said he enjoyed his role this year and has aspirations of performing in another school play at his new school next year.