National Guard provides support to 21st TSC

Pvt. John Hudspeth
21st Theater Support Command

***image1***The 21st Theater Support Command received help from the Army National Guard recently when more than 125 field artillery Soldiers from Tennessee were deployed in an effort to support the 95th Military Police Battalion.
Soldiers from the 2nd of the115th Field Artillery Battalion, Military Police provisional, were retrained as military police Soldiers and will provide extra support to the KMC for at least a one year tour.
The 95th MPs have force protection responsibilities throughout all of Europe, and they also deploy large numbers of their Soldiers downrange in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
“The National Guard received word that the 21st TSC needed manpower assistance in October,” said Capt. Jon Wilkes, the commander of Alpha Company 2nd of the 115th FA. “Soldiers were pushed through good, basic MP training,, in record time and then placed here to start on-the-job training with the 95th MPs in late February.”
The Family Readiness Group members for the 2nd of the 115th FA successfully supported their Soldiers through a quick deployment and training,” said Captain Wilkes. “That effort, in conjunction with highly motivated Soldiers and great trainers at Fort Leonardwood’s United States Military Police School resulted in the 2nd of the 115th FA unit winning five out of six possible awards from the school.”
“We appreciate the help we’ve received,” said Sgt. Jeremiah Norman, with the 272nd MPs. “These new, well-trained Soldiers are ready to get the job done.”
“Everyone involved in this operation is doing their best to accomplish the mission,” said Sgt 1st Class Scott Dollar, with the 2nd of the 115th FA in Kaiserslautern. “The amount of teamwork and effort put forth by the 21st TSC is impressive.”
“Newly activated National Guard Soldiers are adjusting to this deployment very well; they’re highly motivated,” said Captain Wilkes. “They are staying out of trouble and there is very little complaining; most are looking forward to working as MPs and many of the Soldiers’ families are going to take advantage of the situation at hand and come to visit their loved ones here in Europe.”
“This cross-training offers a great number of benefits to the troops; there are so many significant differences in the two military fields that the combined training makes Soldiers very versatile,” said Sgt. Eric Lee, an MP with the 2nd 115th FA. “That’s good for the Army and (for Soldiers’) careers.”
“We have certainly become versatile; we’ve adapted not only to changes in our jobs, but also have been working with and participating in formations with the Air Force’s Security Police,” said Sergeant Dollar with the 2nd of the 115 FA.
“The Soldiers from the 2nd of the 115th FA, in Kaiserslautern, are doing their job well and they’re adjusting quickly to the little differences, like paper work, that exist between the Air Force MP’s duty and the Army MP’s duty,” said Senior Airman Larue Jackson, with the 569th United States Forces Police Squadron.
Pfc. Lucille Curland, an MP with the 2nd of the 115th FA said that she enjoys being able to work in the Kaiserslautern area and having the opportunity to work so closely with Air Force members.
“MP Soldiers are somewhat expected to be role models for everyone who sees them,” said Sergeant Norman. “It’s important that Soldiers who are somewhat in the limelight look high speed at all times; these guys are doing an outstanding job of doing just that.”