Navigating the MEB/PEB process

by R. Charles Collica II
MEB outreach counsel

Servicemembers new to the Medical Evaluation Board and Physical Evaluation Board process are most often confused and weighed down with questions concerning their legal rights.

MEB Outreach Counsel and Soldiers Counsel are licensed attorneys available to provide information, advice and representation to Soldiers throughout the MEB/PEB process.

The MEB Outreach Counsel is available to assist each individual Soldier from the moment he or she is referred to the MEB process. At the beginning, general advice and assistance is provided in developing a strategy to reach the Soldier’s desired outcome.

As the Soldier progresses through the system, the MEB Outreach Counsel can provide more specific advice and representation.

The Soldiers Counsel is available to represent the Soldier once the case progresses from the MEB to the PEB stage.

The MEB Outreach Counsel, which serves all Soldiers in U.S. Army Europe, is located at the Wiesbaden Legal Center.

Soldiers Counsel offices are located in Landstuhl and Vilseck.

For those who reside in USAREUR and are undergoing an MEB/PEB, legal teams are available in Heidelberg (371-2091 or 06221-17-2091), Wiesbaden (337-4738 or 0611-705-4738), Landstuhl (486-8286 or 06371-86-8286) or Vilseck (476-3358 or 09662-83-3358).

Soldiers should not try to navigate this complex process on their own, but, instead, take advantage of the free legal advice and representation available to them.