NCO academy offers military education, preparation

by Master Sgt. Bryan Daniel
U.S. Air Forces in Europe NCO Academy

Each year approximately 1,000 technical sergeants attend professional military education at the Kisling NCO Academy, located on Kapaun Air Station.

The school’s mission is to “prepare technical sergeants to be professional, war-fighting Airmen who can lead and manage Air Force units in the employment of air, space and cyberspace power.” And our vision is “to develop Airmen with a warrior ethos and passion for leading in the cause of freedom.”

Students attend 28 academic days of training, covering more than 220 hours of curriculum, focusing on four areas, including successful learning, critical thinking and:

» Military professional (i.e. airmanship, human performance, culture and heritage, diversity and ethics)

» Operational Airman (i.e. joint organization, joint warfighter and cross cultural awareness)

» Managerial communicator (i.e. writing, speaking, strategic communi-
cation, media engagement and interpersonal communication)

» Unit manager (i.e. four lenses, team development, strength based leadership, leader influence, negotiating, resource stewardship, discipline, emergent leadership issues, change management and continuous improvement)

The Kisling NCO Academy maintains a website to ensure students can access information prior to arrival.

The website includes items such as reporting procedures, uniform requirements, curriculum information, FAQs, mandatory student reading and graduation photos.
Visit the Kisling NCOA website via the Air Force Portal at and click on:

» Bases-Orgs-Functional Areas (heading)

» Organizations A-Z

» Click on “K”

» Scroll down and select the Kisling NCO Academy (KINCOA) page

If you have problems accessing the website, call 489-6502 or 0631-536-6502.
The Kisling NCO Academy has a 20-member staff, well trained, motivated and dedicated to ensure students receive a valuable and memorable PME experience.