New AF smoking policy brings changes to Services facilities

by Amy Lenahan
U.S. Air Forces in Europe Marketing and Entertainment

Smokers will find it harder to light up at U.S. Air Forces in Europe Services facilities in 2013.

Over time, the Air Force has tightened its policies on tobacco use among military service members, aiming to improve health and boost readiness. The latest step toward finding a stronger strategy against tabacco use is the updated AFI 40-102, published in March, which outlines where and when tobacco use is not permitted.
One big change is that Force Support facilities will be prohibited from selling any type of tobacco product. After this regulation goes into effect on Jan. 1, tobacco users in USAFE will no longer be able to purchase cigars, cigarettes or any form of tobacco from officer and enlisted clubs or the golf course, for example.

The new regulations also restrict all tobacco use (including chewing tobacco) to designated tobacco areas. Tobacco use outside of DTAs, including while walking to or from a DTA, is prohibited. DTAs will be a minimum of 50 feet from building entrances, walkways and parking lots and at least 100 feet from playgrounds.

These restrictions also apply to all installation Force Support and recreation facilities, including athletic complexes, golf courses and beaches. Smoking is also not allowed in lodging guest rooms and common and temporary lodging facilities.
Besides controlling tobacco use, the new policy also includes revisions focused on preventing and reducing tobacco use, such as cessation support programs and community and medical intervention.