New airlift wing command chief focuses on people

Staff Sgt. M. Davis
Kaiserslautern American editor

***image1***People have always been the focus of her career in personnel, and 20 years later, they continue to be the focus for this Detroit native – but now as the 86th Airlift Wing command chief.
Chief Master Sgt. Renee Starghill provides leadership to the troops by “walking around and getting to know our folks and letting them know we care and truly appreciate their contributions,” she said. “Taking time to talk with our troops, listening to their concerns and sharing them with leadership is also very important. Creating a dialog on a regular basis with wing personnel ensures that we are all well informed.”
The chief said she is committed to being right there with her people – you will most likely find her away from her desk. She could be flying on a mission, visiting maintenance personnel, spending time with communications and contingency response troops during deployments, or patrolling Ramstein on the Combat Proud truck — she will be out front with the wing.
With an organization of more than 2,000, there will certainly be challenges, the chief said. “We need to capture the best practices from each of our four distinct groups. The goal is to apply the best of the best across our wing, enhancing both efficiency and productivity,” said Chief Starghill. “I know we have some of the best airmen in the Air Force. They are great at what they do and come from a wide variety of career fields. We will capitalize on their talents to ensure mission accomplishment.”
Honesty is a trait the command chief displays and expects from everyone she works with.
“I believe if we are truthful with our subordinates, peers and leaders, in terms of identifying those things or issues that require attention, we will continue to be the best and most respected Air Force in the world,” she said.
Chief Starghill finds it important to take the time to explain how important her troops’ contributions are to the wing, major command and Air Force. “I will ensure they understand that every job is crucial to the overall success of the United States Air Force mission,” she said. “I want our people to know the importance of the Combat and Special Interest Programs and how they integrate with mission success. We must take care of our people and their families, while still maintaining our mission focus.”
Throughout her career, the chief has received a lot of advice. The one piece she tries to pass to others is “Believe in yourself. If you can perceive it, you can achieve it.”
And she has done just that.