New CTO ticketing policy

Beginning Monday, any travel authorization that includes air travel must be approved and ticketed at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled flight departure to avoid airline reservations from being canceled.

This new policy applies to domestic City Pair and non-contract government flights that are either booked through DTS or through a commercial travel office.
Travelers making travel plans at least 72 hours before departure must have their authorization approved and tickets issued within 24 hours of creation to avoid cancellation.

If making plans within 24 hours of departure, authorizations must be approved and ticketed at least six hours prior to flight departure time to avoid cancellation.
If your airline reservations are canceled, the commercial travel office should notify the member by email or phone.

If your airline reservations are canceled, you should follow your normal ticketing process to re-book the flight.

If you arrive at the airport to find your reservations canceled, do not re-book at the airline counter. Often, counter agents are not familiar with the U.S. General Services Administration City Pair Program and may book you on a full priced fare at a much higher cost. Remember to take a travel itinerary with you to the airport.

Your itinerary will provide contact information for your commercial travel office, as well as reservation details to help you re-book.

Monitoring the status of your travel documents and ensuring your travel authorizations are approved is the best way to avoid unnecessary costs and stress associated with re-booking travel.

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(Courtesy of the Defense Travel Management Office)