New ‘Dorms 4 Airmen’ opens on Ramstein

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Aug. 31 in Ramstein to celebrate the opening of a new dormitory for Airmen.

The project was started in May 2009. Now, little more than two years later, this $12 million construction project is complete and includes more than $500,000 in new furniture for the Airmen.

“These are the first ‘Dorms 4 Airmen’ the Kaiserslautern Military Community has constructed,” said Lt. Col. Jarrett Purdue, 86th Civil Engineer Squadron commander.

The new living quarters offer 32 apartments, each with four rooms, housing up to 128 Airmen. The Dorms 4 Airmen concept is a design providing a four-person module with four private bedrooms, private baths, a shared kitchen with a washer and dryer, and a common living room.

“These rooms give a balance of privacy and community,” Purdue said. “The community space is important for Airmen to interact with each other and build the needed camaraderie and resiliency.”

The Airmen dormitory leaders agree that the new Dorms 4 Airmen concept is great.

“The apartment style room (a new Air Force standard) allows for more interaction between Airmen, creating a social environment,” said Staff Sgt. Barbara Breazeale, 86th CES Airmen dormitory leader. “This allows Airmen act as better wingmen.”

The building was created with a contemporary style to accommodate every lifestyle of each Airman.

“I love seeing all the modern amenities for the Airmen, seeing how well our Airmen are being treated and us adapting to the new technology of the modern day lifestyle of each Airman. It makes me happy,” Breazeale said. 

The four floors of the new building will accommodate Airmen from the 86th Communications Squadron and the 86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron.

“I really like the new layout,” said Airman 1st Class Zach Bach, who recently moved into the new Dorms 4 Airmen. “It makes me proud of what I have. I want to ensure it stays this nice for years to come so other Airmen who come in after me have a great place to call home.”