New features make CFC donations quick, simple

***image1***The Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas, which is underway now to Nov. 30, offers new features this year to make giving easier.

Contributors wishing to donate with a credit card can access the electronic pledge card via the CFC-O Web site,, and then click on the “Search & Pledge” menu option. They can make a one-time donation or a reoccurring monthly allotment. The user-friendly instructions will guide contributors through the entire process. Pledges given via credit card are automatically processed online. There is a maximum cap of two percent of base salary on credit card contributions.

Another new feature is the online pledge assistant. The CFC-O has developed a way for contributors to fill out an electronic pledge. Like credit card giving, the electronic pledge card can be accessed via the CFC-O Web site and clicking the “Search & Pledge” menu option on the homepage. Contributors can then follow the user-friendly instructions to select the charity or charities of their choice and enter their personal and contact information to create the electronic pledge card.

Because the CFC-O is not connected to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service system, this is not a fully automated pledge system. Contributors still must print the electronic pledge card and turn it in to a CFC volunteer.

Additionally, the pledge card must be signed in order for finance to begin a payroll allotment.
(Courtesy of CFC-O)