New information systems enhance care

Spc. Todd Goodman
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

The automated phone system at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center now offers other services, including an additional number, to make health care more accessible.

A new feature has been added to the number, 486-LRMC, which now includes an automated appointment reminder system. The system, in place since July 11, calls patients from one to three days prior to their appointments at LRMC.

“The idea is to reduce the no-show rate, which has been averaging 1,000 appointments per month at LRMC,” said Capt. Kevin J. Ridderhoff, chief of LRMC’s Clinical Operations Division. “When a patient no shows, that appointment is wasted and prohibits others who could have been seen during that time from accessing care.”

Patients have the opportunity to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments during the automated phone call. In order for this service to be fully available to beneficiaries, patient phone numbers must be accurate in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. Additionally, health care providers require the same accurate phone information to contact patients in the course of delivering patient care.

“The automated reminder system also frees up manpower, which normally would have to make the calls,” said Captain Ridderhoff. “This automated system will increase the efficiency that LRMC delivers health care to KMC beneficiaries by optimizing all available appointments.”

In addition to the aforementioned service, an automated pharmacy system is in place and allows patients 24-hour access to order prescription refills, verify status of refills and identify pharmacy hours of operation. Patients may also be transferred to pharmacy staff during duty hours. These options are available for all LRMC and Ramstein pharmacies. Beneficiaries may call 486-5601 or 06371-86-5601. The following Ramstein pharmacy numbers, 479-2543 or 06371-46-2543, are available for a limited time period.

Beneficiaries who still need to update their phone numbers and address information can do so by accessing the DEERS Web site at
address/selectAuthenticate.jsp; contacting their LRMC TRICARE Service Center at 486-8234 or 06371-86-8234. Ramstein servicemembers can call their TRICARE representative at 479-2616. Lastly, beneficiaries can go directly to the DEERS office, Bldg. 3245 on Kleber Kaserne.