New insurance card requirements implemented when changing plates

Recent changes implemented by Headquarters U.S. Army Europe require all personnel changing vehicle license plates to submit new Double White Insurance Cards with the request.

The new policy complies with current Host Nation Registrations Laws and affects all plate changes, to include replacements for lost or stolen plates. USAA and Volksbund Insurance cards must be submitted electronically, while paper copies are required for other insurance companies. Vehicle registration clerks can only accept USAA and Volksbund DWIC insurance cards if the insurance is verified electronically by the USAREUR system.

Personnel should contact USAA and Volksbund insurance 24 hours prior to going to KMC Vehicle Registrations and request their information be transmitted to HQ USAREUR.  USAREUR technicians upload the insurance data into the registration system daily at roughly 8 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. 

Personnel with “AD” plates should also be aware of the DWIC requirement to exchange those plates. Personnel with “AD” plates are now required to turn in their plates during their annual renewals and they must change to the German “KL” plates.

Vehicles with expired “AD” plates will incur an additional non-op registration fee. The only exceptions to the DWIC card requirement are those personnel shipping vehicles in the near future. Personnel may keep the “AD” plate if they are shipping prior to Dec. 31. Personnel shipping within 30 days and exchanging their German “KL” plates for U.S. style “HK” plates do not require new insurance cards.  

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(Courtesy of KMC Vehicle Registrations)