New laser system trains Soldiers

Christine June,  Story and photo
U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern

***image1***Soldiers can start training Tuesday on nine different weapons at the
newly arrived virtual, scenario-based laser system on Panzer Kaserne.

“The Engagement Skills Trainer is definitely a combat multiplier for
Soldiers to have better training in a short amount of time,” said
Anthony Moore, 7th Army Training Command Training Support Center
Kaiserslautern training resource specialist. “Soldiers can come here as
frequently as they want so when they get to the firing range, they’ll
have the skills to fire rounds more effectively.”

Mr. Moore hosted a grand opening of this 10-lane simulated weapons
system Oct. 19 to give Soldiers a sneak peek before the official
opening Tuesday.

Sgt. Antoine Ferrus, 64th Medical Detachment Veterinary Service
training NCO, brought three Soldiers from his unit to check out the new

“This equipment is very convenient and can accommodate several firing
situations,” said Sergeant Ferrus. “Soldiers will really benefit from

Firing situations such as night fire are transmitted onto a
35-by-8-foot screen. Once Soldiers hook their weapons to the floor
boxes, they are able to engage the system using a laser, which gives
them an accurate sight or picture of where they are firing their rounds.

“The EST gives you immediate feedback,” said Mr. Moore. “The weapon
recoils back; you hear the round; and you see where you hit.”

The system is designed to simulate realistic scenarios. One of the ways
it accomplishes this is by sensors, said Mike Bava, technical engineer
for Pulau Electronics Corporation, the contractor who installed
Kaiserslautern’s ETS.

“Every action that a Soldier can make on a weapon, there’s a sensor for
it, so that the training is realistic,” said Mr. Bava. “The more
sensors that a simulated weapons system can have gives more realism to
the scenario, which is better training for the Soldier.”

The scenarios break down into three training categories.
Marksmanship teaches Soldiers to zero their weapons, which is shooting
five of six consecutive bullets together to make a zero into the
target’s hole to get a good shot group.

Collective is for squad tactics on how to engage the enemy using different types of weaponry.

Shoot, Don’t Shoot teaches Soldiers how to use their judgment skills whether to engage or hold back.

Soldiers wanting to try out the new system can call Mr. Moore at 483-7311.