New name for NATO Headquarters

Sqn. Ldr. George Hannaford
Component Command Air Headquarters Ramstein

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Air Headquarters here officially changed its name from Headquarters Allied Air Forces North (HQ AIRNORTH) to Component Command – Air Headquarters Ramstein (CC-Air HQ Ramstein) Thursday.
Aligned with changes in NATO’s New Command Structure, the new name reflects a significant restructuring of the Headquarters in terms of both manpower and operational focus.
“The Air Component here at Ramstein is at the forefront of NATO’s planning and operations both in Europe and beyond,” said Gen. Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, Air Commander Ramstein, formerly known as COMAIRNORTH. “This new structure will help us transform to a lighter, leaner expeditionary force, ready to command air power whenever and wherever required.”
NATO has had a tenant unit here since the early days of the Cold War. Previously known as Headquarters Allied Air Forces Central Europe (HQ AIRCENT), following the ‘Peace Dividend’ and draw down of NATO’s forces, the Air Headquarters changed to HQ AIRNORTH on March 3, 2000, and took over responsibility for the Alliance’s Northern Region. The new CC-Air HQ Ramstein organization is scheduled to move to its new building in Spring 2005.