New requirements for vRED

Airmen must designate one immediate family member as the person authorized to direct disposition of their remains should they become a casualty.

The PADD designation will become a part of the member’s Record of Emergency Data as required by law. Airmen will add their PADD information to their virtual Record of Emergency Data by following the instructions in the Virtual MPF.

Personnel at deployed locations need to contact their personnel support for contingency operations team to update their record. PADD information should include the designated person’s name, relationship to member, address with zip code and telephone number.

The PADD will be responsible for the disposition of remains only.  The member is still required to designate separately the recipient(s) of any other benefits and entitlements.

Airmen, identified by the last digit in their Social Security Number, must update their records by the following dates:

1 – March 28 to April 3
2 – April 4 to 10
3 – April 11 to 14
4 – April 15 to 19
5 – April 20 to 24
6 – April 25 to 28
7 – April 29 to May 3
8 – May 4 to 9
9 – May 10 to 15
0 – May 16 to 22

For more information or for questions concerning the PADD designation, call the Air Force Contact Center at DSN: 312 665-5000, Toll Free: (800) 616-3775 (select option 1, 1, 2) or Commercial:  (210) 565-5000.
(Story courtesy of Air Force Personnel Center news service)