New rules for drivers in Europe

Fuel ration card replaces coupons

The German government asked the U.S. Forces in Germany to change from fuel coupons to an automated fuel ration card. The change from fuel coupons will take place gradually thru each military community across Germany from July to November. All U.S. Forces personnel who are stationed in Germany should be aware of this change since it will affect all who have been paying for fuel from AAFES stations and ESSO stations in Germany with fuel coupons.

This includes fuel for all privately-owned vehicles and for all U.S. Government non-tactical vehicles. The new fuel ration card will provide conveniences and efficiencies that were not possible with fuel coupons. At the same time, anyone who uses their fuel ration card incorrectly will risk having to pay more than they expected for their fuel.

Every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine and U.S Forces civilian is responsible for using their fuel ration card properly after they’ve received and activated it. To ensure complete understanding of proper fuel card use, all U.S. Forces personnel who are stationed in Germany, or otherwise eligible for the fuel ration card, are asked to fully review all published information on fuel ration card implementation and use.

This includes all U.S. Forces personnel who are either permanently stationed or on temporary duty in Germany and their family members with drivers licenses who are permanently stationed in Germany.

For more information, visit (Courtesy of U.S. Army Installation Management Command, Europe)

Customer advantages of the fuel ration card
• Time saver − No more lengthy purchase transactions for each book of coupons.
• Multiple payment options − Online, AAFES Shoppettes/gas stations, bank allotment, telephone transfer.
• No “squeezing” at the pump − No need to “squeeze” fuel to equal the exact coupon amount.
• No signatures − No need to sign multiple coupons for each transaction.
• Safe and secure − Lost coupons meant lost cash to you. The ration card protects your investment.
• No expired coupons − No expired coupons at the end of each year.

Differences of the transition
• ESSO only − Germany-wide ESSO Stations only (not currently honored at ARAL).
• Card matches the vehicle − Can’t transfer cards between vehicles; the card matches the plate.
• Must show registration − Customers must show vehicle registration to ESSO/AAFES store clerks to complete a fuel transaction.